What We Do

Unique and Valuable Insights on Risk

TGF Analytics provides customers with the leading insights on risk, governance, and performance. Our models have been in place since 2009, long before any other governance analytics firms were making the connection between governance, performance, and risk. 

We evaluate the risk and quality of publicly traded companies based on a variety of governance aspects, including ESG, financial governance, and the company's proprietary Market-Implied Governance Metric. TGF Analytics produces reports on publicly traded companies that are a blend of market-based, proprietary, and third-party data, giving you an insight that you can't find anywhere else on the riskiness of your investment or relationship with those companies.

Our data are applied to assess counterparty risk, equity and credit portfolio risk, and custom relationship risk defined by our clients.

Browse our pages to learn more about our Trust Ratings, Sustainable Value Grades, and the concept of Portfolio Shaping where our data makes your investment portfolios better. 

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